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{Iunie 19, 2010}   Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets. Something can be difficult for some persons, but easy for anothers. They could be easy or hard. When you do a bracelet, you should cut a very long rope, because if it’s too short it’s  not enough for  the entire bracelet. The second thing is the most important: how to do knots. Here are them:

The third thing is the model. You can do a mintal one, but also, you can insipre (and learn how to do it) from: . Bracelet should be as wrist, or the bracelet will not look as the best possible.

The end of a bracelet is a knot like the start one, but you need to make it colse to the end of the latest knots.

In final, you should cut the extra ropes, or you can keep them, if you want to do a neck chain.

Good Luck!

                                                                                                                                                        Dorutza* Rock On!


{Noiembrie 14, 2009}   Ce-mi place cand primesc….

Cadouri. Dar din afara tarii.

Kimberly Freeman (One-Eyed Doll) mi-a trimis aseara 2 foi foarte tari! \

Prima e ceva ce nu m-am asteptat…dorutzafromkim

Iar a doua este o melodie numita „Fool me once”

fool me once

🙂 Foarte frumoasa melodia!

                                                                                                                                           Dorutza* Rock On!

There’s a hole in my heart
Where your smile used to be
Your green eyes have been gouged from my soul

There’s now blood, there is rain
Where once flowers I did see
Now I bleed from this infected hole

Zoë mou sas agapo
Zoë mou sas agapo
Zoë mou sas agapo
Zoë mou sas agapo

Be the pills in my throat
Or the razor’s black reign (rain)
Be the chain that holds me from my sin
Still I won’t clot the wound
No I can’t wash the stain
Of your sweet memory on my skin

E pentru cineva…de departe……Hole

In a dark and scary night
When everyone’s asleep
I hold my breath with all my might
Careful not to make a peep

For I’m afraid if I should make
But one little tiny sound
A monster will take a wooden stake
And nail me to the ground

I can see a monster’s shadow
Monster in my head
I can taste a monster’s breath
A monster in my bed

Thunder rumbles down the hallway
Footsteps shake the floor
I pray the Lord my soul to take
As light streams through the door

I can see a monster’s shadow
Monster in my head
I can taste a monster’s breath
A monster in my bed

Just another mental patient
How I wish this room was vacant
Can’t seem to break through these padded walls

Kicking screaming drooling biting
They say there’s no use in fighting
So many white coats can’t elude them all

One more mark against society
Can’t you see I’m not a threat
I’m no simple proletarian
You haven’t bled my spirit yet

Locked up in this nuthouse crying
All these drugs my brain in frying
Doctors say the lunatic needs more

Lock me up they must sedate me
Poke me prod me irritate me
No choice but to be the needle’s whore

One more mark against society
Can’t you see I’m not a threat
I’m no simple proletarian
You haven’t bled my spirit yet

To be a sheep; a blissful guinea pig
Ignorance is your god, too
Society awaits with open arms
We’ll brainwash your demons out of you.

Noul pin se afla la Coffee Shop!

1. Dati click pe Town

2.Mergeti in Coffee Shop

3. Dati click pe barcuta de jucarie

Si asa aveti noul pin!!

Deasemenea, este si muzica noua pentru igloo!

1.Keytar Jam


3.All-Acess Pass

4.Rocking Pizza



{Iulie 31, 2009}   One-Eyed Doll

One-Eyed Doll is the Austin, Texas based power-rock-duo led by guitarist and singer Kimberly Freeman.

Freeman’s wild stage antics, theatrical presentation, tough guitar chops and acrobatic moves have earned her unprecedented recognition in the world’s live music capital. Several National tours have imprinted the group’s mark on the United States. Plans for International tours this season will bring One-Eyed Doll to Europe, The Far East, Central America and more.

The duo is backed by drummer PJ Evans: AKA NUMBER THREE. Previously a career movie actor, Three joined shortly after the production of the January 2007 release, „Hole”.

From 2007 to 2008 with the release of the debut album, Freeman’s small community cult following exploded into a global fan base, setting a new standard for the modern independent guerrilla DIY business structure.

The duo released their most prolific and decidedly popular work to date, „Monster” in November 2008, once again under the precise hand of veteran producer Jason Sewell. The new album debuts, to the triumph of their inherently eccentric and diverse following, Kimberly’s signature dark, heavy hits, „Fight” and „Monster”, blending seamlessly with radio pop style ballads like „Brief Candle” and „Pretty Song”.

A third album is in the works at Nebulost Productions in Austin alongside several solo albums by Freeman, scheduled to be released in 2009. sau


Holiday…..ce asteapta multi…am asteptat asta de 2 luni….

De ce i-am dat titlul asta? Simplu…here’s a story:

Eu imi doream o chitara electrica…tata mi-a adus una clasica…batrana in jur de 1900….dar nu am fost multumita, imi doream una electrica…aici…e un baiat care parca a stiut ca vreau una neagra…exact cum vroiam….si am reusit!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 o viitoare chitara electrica cu toate cele necesare….livrarea? ei bine…trebuie sa merg la magazin….

That’s the story….

~ Dorutza~

P.S: trebuie sa merg la Music Shop….s-a stricat chitara clasica….

{Mai 30, 2009}   Cauza speciala!!!

Am descoperit pe myspace un lucru ce m-a surprins… am crezut ca nu am citit bine…nu va mai tin in suspans… Trebuie sa votam ca Miley Cyrus sa vina in Romaina! Iata linkul: (Copy- paste, altfel nu merge! 100% link functional)

Va rog, vreau sa faca aici un concert, deci… votati!



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